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Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Not all deejays are wedding deejays. It takes a special set of skills to provide master of ceremonies service at a wedding, organize a playlist while assessing the energy and preferences of the crowd, and – most importantly – creating great quality of sound through top-quality equipment and calibrated speaker systems. A true, quality professional holds the energy, and thus the success, of the party in his or her hands, in the all-so-important category of wedding entertainment.

It takes time, experience, and training to be a great deejay, and entertainment companies invest thousands in finding and training the deejays in their roster. So there is a lot of value in the talent of the deejay you’ll bring on for your day.

Next to the food, the music played, and the way in which it is played, makes or breaks a wedding, and there’s also the important factor of the deejay’s personality and interactions with the crowd. An inexperienced deejay who costs less doesn’t have the hours clocked to learn that too much talking doesn’t thrill a crowd, and cliché statements and attempts at humor will suck the energy out of the room.

This is, in many ways, the leader of your wedding, so it’s best to invest as strongly as you can into this very present, energy-creating professional who can make your celebration unforgettable, and also provide the soundtrack for the heart of your day: your ceremony.

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