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In both, premium colors and patterns, brand names and designer collections

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Why Does It Cost This Much?

The men's look is of great importance on the wedding day. The groom wants to look his absolute best, and more often has an affinity for wearing an elite designer-made tuxedo or suit. Some grooms take this opportunity to buy a designer tuxedo for his future use, with his wedding being the first of all big moments for which he'll wear this tux. And many grooms, perhaps encouraged by their partners, see now as the time to buy that $2,000 suit that makes him look like a god (so says his partner.)

Quality of fabric and construction is everything in today's wedding menswear, and even at informal weddings where men wear a pair of khakis and a white button-down shirt without a tie, the quality of pants and shirt is of great importance.

We're in an age of men using wedding hashtags to note their Armani style, so we're seeing a brand-consciousness among grooms, which may or may not wow the groomsmen who then need to rent a pricier tuxedo to match the groom...but we are seeing a number of grooms who pick up the tux rental tab for their men, even handing that 'free tux rental for the groom' offer at the tux rental shop to their father or best man, to help their wedding budgets as well.

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