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Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Again, a wedding planner’s services are ultra-valuable. It can surprise a wedding couple that day-of coordination is not the big budget saver they’ve heard it is. It’s not just the sum of X number of hours working on the wedding day. It’s a package containing pre-wedding meetings, more during the weeks prior to the wedding day, and a lot of communication needed to bring the planner up to speed on plans you and other vendors have made.

Some couples find that the wedding planner, upon finding out you’ve booked, say, an ice bar, informs you that an ice bar needs to be installed on top of a structure that catches melted ice water. So this late-game stepping-in of a planner can create an initial flurry of extra bookings, buys and services to save the day regarding the plans you made on your own and want or need to keep in play.

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