Average Wedding Cost for Event Flowers & Arrangements

  • $604 is the average wedding cost for Flowers & Decorations Event Flowers & Arrangements in United States
  • Roughly 69% - 79% of couples purchase this

Note: Average Cost is based on the spending of couples recently married not wedding vendor prices. This includes all types of weddings, event locations, purchases of both new and pre-owned items and purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Spending and prices can vary widely.

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What's Typically Included in Flowers & Decorations > Event Flowers & Arrangements

  • Altar flower arrangement
  • Chuppah flowers and flower arrangements
  • Floral arches
  • Aisle/pew flowers

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Chair flowers, such as single flowers on chairs at the ceremony
  • Ceremony site entrance flowers, such as flowers in planters on either side of the door or a big floral arrangement on a table at the entrance
  • Cocktail party site entrance flowers, such as flowers in planters on either side of the door or a big floral arrangement on a table at the entrance
  • Reception site entrance flowers, such as flowers in planters on either side of the door or a big floral arrangement on a table at the entrance
  • Flower wall as backdrop for the cake or sweetheart table, or just as a feature in the room in front of which guests can take photos
  • Flowers on chandeliers
  • Flowers on mantel
  • Wreaths for doors
  • Flowers on guest book table
  • Flowers on guest place card table
  • Flowers on family photos table
  • Flowers on wedding cake table
  • Flowers on the bar
  • Flowers on the piano
  • Flowers on windowsills
  • Flowers in the bridal suite at your venue
  • Flowers in the restrooms at your venue
  • Water feature flowers such as flowers floating in a pool
  • Outdoor planter flowers
  • Tent structure flowers
  • Flower installation over the dance floor, a lushly-populated mass of flowers overhead
  • Time of year, month of wedding, day of the week
  • Flower types chosen; some blooms are far pricier per stem than others
  • Design of flower arrangement, as some painstaking projects like chuppah d'cor with spirals of rose heads extending down the chuppah legs can take many hours and require special storage spaces for refrigeration
  • Flower arrangement supplies such as wire, tape and glues
  • Flower arrangement accents such as crystal strands, pins, theme items
  • Vessels, tiers and trays on which to display floral arrangements
  • Delivery costs
  • Card and gift for floral designer
  • DIY materials
  • Tipping

Why Does It Cost This Much?

When a category has this many design options, in a pricy category that fluctuates by season and availability, plus the high costs of gorgeous, big specialty roses and other blooms that may carry a high cost on the market, the overall fee for the category will be a jaw-dropper, even for a modestly-decorated wedding. Flowers by nature are pricy to acquire, even with your professional flower designer's discount finds at the flower market. And in addition to the lofty costs of this many flowers (which your designer will buy plenty of, to have enough to fulfill your multiple design choices,) there is the added expense of your floral design team's many hours of putting your floral d'cor pieces together in the right timing ahead of your day, and then setting them up and perfecting them at your wedding site ' in some cases with just a few hours of pre-wedding access to the site.

While the cake table flowers might not carry as much emotional punch as your bridal bouquet, there's still a high level of importance put on all floral details looking lovely and flawless, creating a sea of floral arrangements and details that guests will see up-close, all working together to create that wedding location magic, a transformation of a site into your own vision, right down to the smallest lily of the valley detail on the cake.