Average Wedding Cost for A La Carte Services

  • $942 is the average wedding cost for Planner/Consultant A La Carte Services in United States
  • Less than 10% of couples purchase this

Note: Average Cost is based on the spending of couples recently married not wedding vendor prices. This includes all types of weddings, event locations, purchases of both new and pre-owned items and purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Spending and prices can vary widely.

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What's Typically Included in Planner/Consultant > A La Carte Services

  • Wedding day services
  • Month-of services

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Additional wedding coordinator package elements, such as planning help for engagement party, rehearsal dinner, locating sites and vendors, after-parties
  • Cost for each wedding coordinator assistant
  • Planner's travel
  • Feeding your planner and assistants at the reception
  • Feeding your planner and assistants at the rehearsal dinner
  • Tipping
  • Extra surcharges
  • Thank-you gift

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Wedding coordinators offering ala carte services devote far more time to a wedding than you might think. Too many wedding couples think that wedding planners spend planning time the way they do, that a party can be planned in a weekend or less. But the planner has many layers to his or her job, including many hours spent on writing up proposals and reviewing contracts for the client, so in order to make a healthy living, ala carte package elements often need to be priced in such a way that they can give you all the attention you deserve and desire, and still make a good living without having to take on too many weddings each week, spreading himself or herself too thin, and not delivering the high quality service you want.

Wedding planners are so valuable, in terms of their insider knowledge acquired over years of training and experience (and ongoing education that true professionals undertake,) plus their connections to the best vendors in the area, and their impressive ability to create solutions out of thin air. They help bring a wedding magic to life, and they're the ones who will make sure that all little snafus are handled with grace and subtlety, so that your big day isn't disturbed in the least. They're a trusted professional, friend, mediator, and artistic genius with a knack for doubling, tripling or quadrupling what your wedding budget can do.

The above applies to all Planning/Consultant categories in this report, with the overall truth: if a wedding planner's prices seem high, it's because you haven't yet discovered the worth of what they'll do in your service. This may be among the most important money you spend on your wedding as a whole. Setting a great foundation for your wedding and assembling all the players, organizing plans, reviewing contracts and handling your own family diplomacy ' among other tasks ' means the wedding planner is many professionals in one. That's why the good ones can and do charge so much. And they're worth every penny.