Average Wedding Cost for Hair Service

  • $68 is the average wedding cost for Beauty & Spa Hair Service in United States
  • Roughly 68% - 78% of couples purchase this

Note: Average Cost is based on the spending of couples recently married not wedding vendor prices. This includes all types of weddings, event locations, purchases of both new and pre-owned items and purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Spending and prices can vary widely.

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What's Typically Included in Beauty & Spa > Hair Service

  • Hairstyle on wedding day, including up-do's, curls, straightening, pinning in accent pieces

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Stylist's time and travel to come to your wedding location to style your hair, plus more for a second location if needed there
  • Pre-wedding trial session, which may be included in a bridal hair package, but is often an extra fee
  • Pre-wedding haircuts
  • Pre-wedding coloring and highlights
  • Pre-wedding conditioning treatments
  • Extensions purchase
  • Extensions application
  • Products for hair maintenance and style
  • Cost of bridal package that can including having your entire group to the salon for styling and champagne
  • Extra charges for very long hair
  • Extra fees if you'd like your stylist to stay at your venue to change your hairstyle for 2nd Look at the reception
  • Fixes to any haircutting or coloring you did yourself
  • The cost of any hairpins needed for your style, especially pins bought to match your haircolor
  • Hair styling for bridesmaids and mothers
  • Tipping for shampoo person and for stylists

Why Does It Cost This Much?

You're paying for the services of a trained and experienced professional, as much as for the time and effort that will be put into your hairstyle. Top-brand, salon-quality products also add to your bill, and you'll also be affected by where your salon is located as well as the price of their bridal package. Updo's often cost a hefty amount for the time needed to create them, and even the simplest-looking curly hairstyle will also take a good amount of time.

This is a sector where the emotional significance of it being a wedding service also boosts price, except in the cases of some salon owners and independent hairstylists who make it a policy not to charge brides more.

With extensions being so on-trend, and top-tier extensions brands costing so much, this is an expense that adds up. Destination brides are often advised to buy individual extensions to create curls in their hairstyle that hold up in humid island weather.