Average Wedding Cost for Engagement Ring

  • $3,388 is the average wedding cost for Jewelry Engagement Ring in United States
  • Roughly 77% - 87% of couples purchase this

Note: Average Cost is based on the spending of couples recently married not wedding vendor prices. This includes all types of weddings, event locations, purchases of both new and pre-owned items and purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Spending and prices can vary widely.

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What's Typically Included in Jewelry > Engagement Ring

  • The engagement ring, in your chosen stones, setting and style
  • Sizing
  • Ring cleaning

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • The inherent costs of stone quality, size, weight and color
  • The shape of the stone. Some shapes can cost more due to the artistry needed to create it
  • The number of stones in your ring
  • The sizes and shapes of secondary stones in the ring
  • Colored diamonds
  • Gemstones to be included in the ring, such as rubies or sapphires
  • The brand of ring, which may drive up prices when it is a marquee brand
  • Custom ring design, piecing together loose stones and styling a unique ring with your choices of side stones and setting details
  • Repurposing heirloom jewelry into your ring's custom design
  • Resizing an heirloom ring to be used as-is
  • Appraisal
  • Cleaning solution and polish cloths
  • Shipping if ordering your ring online
  • Location where you are shopping for the ring, as metropolitan areas and upscale towns may demand higher prices
  • Time of year when you're ring-shopping, as prices may dip when not in peak engagement season
  • Ring insurance or insurance rider on your home to cover the ring

Why Does It Cost This Much?

For any ring with precious stones and precious metals, prices naturally elevate depending upon the 4Cs, and certain ring styles ' including ring styles that are trendy right now ' maybe priced higher. You're always going to pay more for the finer quality rings with top-tier metals and perfect or near-perfect stones. It's about the quality of the stone, and the time, tools and artistry needed to create the ring.

Surprisingly, fancy shaped diamonds (all diamond shapes other than round) will cost less than the traditional rounds. Blue Nile says that rounds are the most in-demand, so they command higher prices, while fancies can cost 25% less.' Some fancy-cut diamonds include the most popular princess-cut and cushion-cut, as well as radiant-cut, emerald-cut, Asscher-cut and heart-shaped.

While there are some choices to bring down costs, such as sterling silver being less expensive than platinum, savings are still measured in the high cost of an engagement ring overall. The same goes for ring size, weight, color, and other characteristics that bring it as close to perfect as possible. It's those perfect stones formed in nature, so difficult to find, that will obviously cost the most, with the cost of mining, forming the stones, fine-tuning, crafting and delivering that also packs on the dollar signs. You may opt to pay more for an ethically-mined stone, avoiding blood diamonds and other stones sourced from conflict areas, so that your ring isn't a symbol of hardship or strife, nor damage to the earth.

This ring is a symbol, a promise, a treasure on your hand. Its meaning adds to its value, and whenever there's a big emotional weight to an item, costs will rise as well. You'll wear this ring always, as a daily reminder of your commitment, as well as of your wedding, and its meaning can't be put into dollar signs.