Average Wedding Cost for Save the Date Cards

  • $112 is the average wedding cost for Invitations Save the Date Cards in United States
  • Roughly 54% - 64% of couples purchase this

Note: Average Cost is based on the spending of couples recently married not wedding vendor prices. This includes all types of weddings, event locations, purchases of both new and pre-owned items and purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Spending and prices can vary widely.

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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Save the Date Cards

  • Purchased or made: Save the Date single-panel card, folded cards or postcards
  • Ordered or purchased plain envelopes

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • DIY project supplies, including card stock, printer ink, and perhaps for-pay invitation design software
  • Photo shoot for the photo to be used as the image on the Save-the-Date Cards (Engagement portrait may be used, but there is also a push toward artistic photos designed and shot specifically for the Save-the-Date)
  • Extra charge for photo-inclusive save-the-date cards via an online invitation site.
  • Print shop printing as part of your DIY process.
  • Extra printer ink needed during production of save-the-dates.
  • Personalized address labels
  • Personalized postage stamps
  • Postage stamps
  • DIY flair: envelope liners
  • International postage for X number of guests
  • Rush order fees for late-ordered cards
  • Reprints in case of typos

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Save-the-Date cards can become surprisingly pricy when you make design choices like specialty fonts, multiple colors, oversized cards, glossy paper, and the inclusion of your photo. Once you start adding elements from a print company's extra-charge list to make your cards stand out, the price goes up considerably.

The same goes for DIY save-the-date cards, once materials and especially printer ink come into play, and invitation software intended to be used for all print items is purchased at this early stage of the planning, becoming a part of your save-the-date budget. At a couple hundred dollars for upscale invitation design software, that adds up.

And for all print DIY projects, prepare for the added cost of having to re-style and re-print cards that you find, too late, contain a typo or wrong information. Some couples buy their save-the-date cards very early in the planning process, not expecting a change of date, location or time for the wedding. So a wise holding-off until plans are set in stone can help save a budget from a do-over in this category.